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Remote and Hybrid Workers Find New Options for Flexible Parking

With work-life starting to return to a state of normalcy, more workers are heading back to the office. Many people are also working within a hybrid model, where they work from home on certain days and go to the office on others.

If you’re in the office again or part of the hybrid workforce, you might have noticed a problem that’s often overlooked as companies bring their employees back to an in-person format: Finding parking is getting more and more difficult. That’s where SmartPass comes in. Learn more about where you can find flexible parking that offers in and out privileges, and sign up for your SmartPass today!

Work From Home Employees Are Returning to the Office

You may notice anecdotally that more of your friends, family, and neighbors are heading back to the office and returning to pre-pandemic work habits. You’re not alone in these observations, because the data supports it too. According to our studies, parking demand has nearly recovered to normal levels.

A recent workforce survey revealed that the proportion of respondents who want to work from home at least two days a week doubled during the pandemic. Post-COVID, 50% of workers anticipate only coming into the office two or three days a week. Employees need the option to park a few times a week — or maybe even just a few times per month.

Clearly, this is a problem that needs solving. Employees shouldn’t have to overpay for parking just to reserve a monthly pass, and employers shouldn’t have to deal with additional obstacles when embracing the hybrid work model. SmartPass offers a solution.

The Future Is Hybrid

One of the very few upsides to the pandemic is that it expedited the shifting of the workforce to remote or partially remote models. The future of work is a hybrid workforce model — and for good reason. It benefits both companies and employees.

Though switching to a remote model was undoubtedly a burden on many companies, it may end up saving them money in the long run while also helping them hire and retain better and more diverse talent. For one, when you don’t need to have every employee in the office, you don’t need to spend as much money on office space. Also, the ability to work from home is an attractive prospect for many job seekers. Companies that offer this benefit may find that they’re recruiting more qualified and diverse candidates than ever before.

Companies may also find that they can retain their talent longer. When your employees have a great work situation that enables them to have a better work-life balance, they’re less likely to jump ship. However, employers need to make sure this new work situation isn’t inconvenient for hybrid employees. Providing them with the option to park with a SmartPass is one way to make the hybrid work model a more seamless transition for employees.

The Benefits of Partially Remote Jobs

For employees, the benefits are just as great for partially remote jobs, if not better. There are several ways that being partially remote can improve the well-being and financial situation of an employee.

One of the primary benefits is employee happiness and work-life balance. When employees are able to choose the times they come into the office or if they don’t have to spend as much time away from home, they may be more satisfied with their job situation in addition to feeling happier in general. Employees also get to spend less time and money commuting. For some people, the daily commute could take hours out of their day, cutting down on their relaxation or family time and costing them money for gas, car maintenance or public transportation, etc. Finally, employees have more freedom in choosing their living situations. If you only need to go in for work a couple of times per month, it’s very possible to live an hour or more away from your office.

The one downside of partially remote work is the parking difficulties and the need for more flexible parking options when you do head to the office. That’s the exact problem that SmartPass can solve.

Purchase a Flexible Parking Pass From Your Phone

The need for a flexible parking pass means there is a need to make your parking passes easy to get. When you leave for the office, the last thing you want to do is figure out parking when you get there. Searching for a spot, getting your parking ticket, and finding the closest place to your building are all inconveniences that can lead to stress and extra time spent.

With SmartPass, you can always get your parking pass online from your phone or computer. You can get your pass the day before, the hour before, or months ahead of time. This flexibility makes it easy to ensure you always have your parking pass when and where you need it. You’ll be able to get your flexible parking pass customized for your hybrid work needs.

What Types of Parking Permits are Available?

The types of parking permits available will depend on what location you’re buying for, however, most of the flexible permit options allow you to choose from the following options:

  • Single session
  • Parking passes by day
  • Number of day passes
  • Monthly passes
  • Overnight passes
  • Prepaid passes
  • And more

Companies can offer flexible parking passes for their employees and employees can enjoy coming back into the office knowing they’ll always be able to make the commute as hassle-free as possible.

Check Out Our Latest Locations

If you are in or near one of these cities, you can easily use your SmartPass! Finding parking in these locations doesn’t have to be difficult. With SmartPass you can always find an easy and convenient place to park on your own terms. Here are the cities where you can use your SmartPass:

Parking at work shouldn’t be stressful. With a SmartPass, you can find a secure and nearby place to park every time you have to go into the office. As SmartPass expands to more locations across the country, more hybrid workers will be able to take advantage of the benefits that these convenient, one-click purchase parking passes can offer.

Buy a SmartPass Today!

A SmartPass can make parking for the hybrid workforce a breeze. With SmartPass, you can easily buy your pass from your phone for the times you need, scan it when you get to the garage, and drive right in. With a SmartPass, there’s no more stress, no more hassle, and no more complications. Also, no more spending more money on parking than you need to.

Reserve your SmartPass parking permit today and make parking easy!

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