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Best Parking Rates Near Oakland City Center, California

Parking at 525 14th St Oakland, CA 94612

Oakland City Center in downtown Oakland, California, offers visitors and residents great options for shopping, dining, and more, but as with anywhere in California, parking can sometimes be a hassle. Instead of dealing with this issue, just book your parking with SmartPass. You’ll get the best rates in a great location. That way you can get where you need to go without the stress. Get your parking pass from SmartPass today.

Convenient Parking Garage in Downtown Oakland

This convenient parking garage provides an easy place to park your vehicle right in downtown Oakland. You’ll find our entrances right on 14th Street between 1300 Clay Street and 505 14th Street buildings or via 11th Street just past Clay Street. Just scan your QR code and go.

Get a Flexible Parking Pass

SmartPass parking passes are super flexible — you just buy the passes you need for your visits. Get in/out privileges if you need them, buy separate days, or buy anything else for your parking needs. Here are some of the options you’ll have available to you.

Flexible Day Pass – $21

If you need flexibility throughout the month, our flexible day passes will be perfect for you. With a minimum requirement of 4 days, you can get a daily pass for $21 when you need it. These passes are non-refundable and recur monthly. Purchase a flexible day pass.

Flexible Pass by Days – $19 weekdays, $10 weekends

If you know what days of the week you’ll need your pass, choose our flexible recurring days pass. Just select the days you need ahead of time and pay $19 for weekday passes and $10 for weekends. There are no minimum requirements. These passes are non-refundable. Buy this pass here.

Number of Day Pass – $23

When you need a non-recurring pass, choosing four days or more will get you a discount for only $23 per day. These passes are non-refundable. Buy yours today!

Single Session Pass – $25

When you just need a single session pass, you can get access to our convenient garage for just $25. Enjoy in and out privileges and convenient access to Oakland City Center. These passes are non-refundable. Purchase a single session pass.

No More Citations, Tickets, or Meters!

If you’re tired of feeding the meter just to avoid citations and tickets throughout the day, let SmartPass make your day easier. With our passes, you can just pull up, park your car, and go about your business.

Safe Oakland City Center Public Parking Lot

The Oakland City Center public parking garage is secure, with only those who have a pass getting access. Just use your QR code from your mobile phone and scan in and out as needed.

Within Walking Distance of Popular Destinations

    The Oakland City Center lot is located within walking distance of a number of popular locations, such as:

    Fox Theater

    The Fox Theater is a beautiful former movie house in Oakland that hosts live shows, private events, and even classes for the Oakland School for the Arts. It’s just a 10-minute walk from our garage.

    BART Station

    The Bay Area Rapid Transit system provides convenient transportation to many nearby areas. The closest station is just a 15-minute walk from our parking structure.

    Courtyard Marriott

    If you’re staying at the Courtyard Marriott or attending an event there, our parking structure is just a short 5-minute walk away.

    Other Locations Near Our Parking Structure

    Here are other locations near our parking structure:

    • Oakland City Hall (5-minute walk)
    • Preservation Park (8-minute walk)
    • Wiley W. Manuel Courthouse (10-minute walk)
    • IRS Building (3-minute walk)
    • Asian Cultural Center (9-minute walk)
    • Oakland Convention Center (6-minute walk)
    • Seulberger’s Florist (5-minute walk)
    • Downtown Wine Merchants (5-minute walk)
    • Domain Oakland Apartments (5-minute walk)
    • Lincoln University (8-minute walk)
    • The Clorox Company (3-minute walk)
    • U.S. Post Office (4-minute walk)
    • Oakland Public Library (8-minute walk)
    • Trap Kitchen (6-minute walk)
    • Golden Lotus Vegan Restaurant (4-minute walk)
    • Fountain Cafe & Catering (6-minute walk)
    • AIA East Bay Chapter (5-minute walk)

    Remote and Hybrid Employees Need Flexible Parking Options

      The coronavirus pandemic created a sudden shift in how people work. Companies had no choice but to adapt, and employees had to create new work environments at home. If you’re like most workers in downtown Oakland, you went from daily commutes and an ever-present need for parking to working remotely full time.

      The world is starting to recover from the pandemic, and many workers are beginning to return to the office. However, this post-COVID world is far different from what you knew in 2019.

      Despite the slow return to normalcy, there’s a hesitation about returning to the office full time. The data suggests that many workers are adopting a hybrid work model.

      It’s not hard to see why. The last two years of remote work showed that a physical presence in the office wasn’t necessary for the success of a business. Thanks to high-speed internet and a bevy of technologies that support remote work, there’s been a considerable pushback from employees asked to return to the office.

      Workers want flexible work environments, and the pandemic demonstrated that a hybrid work mode was possible. Employers are listening, offering the opportunity to work a few days at home and a few days in the office. This new normal requires flexible and convenient downtown Oakland parking options.

      The Best Option for Partially Remote Workers

      Are you among the many hybrid workers who need flexible parking near your office in downtown Oakland? SmartPass is an excellent option that meets your particular needs.

      Why pay for monthly parking passes when you only visit the office a few days a week? While your pre-pandemic parking provider likely offered a monthly plan you used regularly, your partially remote schedule makes those costs unreasonable and unnecessary.

      Without your former parking plan, you might turn to standard entrance fees when you come in to the office. North American parking data shows that transient parking demand is recovering faster than the demand for monthly passes. That could indicate that hybrid workers aren’t getting more flexible parking plans from their former service providers.

      Unfortunately, single-day passes and steep Oakland City Center parking rates can add up quickly, making that route even more inconvenient. SmartPass offers a happy medium. Even with your hybrid schedule, you can get cost-effective parking and all the convenience you need.

      SmartPass offers a variety of parking passes that cater to the partially remote worker. Whether you have defined office workdays or all the flexibility to change your schedule every week, SmartPass has a pass for you!

      Best of all, you get the convenience of digital and contactless access.

      Reserve Your Parking Permit Today!

      Don’t make parking near Oakland City Center more complicated than it needs to be. Reserve your parking permit with SmartPass today and enjoy easy, secure parking within walking distance of your destinations.