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Best Parking Rates Near Indeed Tower, Texas

Parking at 200 W 6th St, Austin, TX 78701

Indeed Tower provides convenient parking for nearby attractions in Austin, Texas. SmartPass offers the best parking rates so you can park in downtown Austin easily and without any hassle. Get your parking pass with SmartPass today.

Convenient Parking Garage in Downtown Austin

The downtown Austin area can be a difficult place to park, with a lack of spots and tons of traffic to deal with. Instead of going through the hassle of finding a spot, you can use the convenient parking garage at Indeed Tower. There are a variety of passes available to fit your unique parking needs.

Get a Flexible Parking Pass

A flexible parking pass will give you easy in/out access to Indeed Tower. Choose the pass that’s right for you.

Day Parking Pass – $10

If you just need a pass for the day, you can get a day parking pass. This affordable $10 option puts you right in the heart of downtown Austin, so you can get where you need to go. These passes are non-refundable. Buy your day pass.

Number of Day Pass – $7

If you’re frequenting the downtown area, a flexible monthly pass will let you get your passes for $7 per day that you use it, with a four-day minimum. Save money on your daily passes with this option. These passes are non-refundable. Purchase yours here. 

No More Citations, Tickets, or Meters!

When you use SmartPass for your parking passes, you won’t have to deal with citations, tickets, and meters anymore. With a simple QR code and mobile parking pass, you can easily get in and out of your parking garage. No more keeping track of how much time you have left on your parking — with SmartPass it’s worry-free.

Safe Austin Public Parking Lot

The Indeed Tower parking lot is a covered, secure parking lot in downtown Austin. Since you have to scan in to enter, only cars with passes will be allowed through. Don’t worry about street parking when you can use a safe, well-lit parking structure instead.

Within Walking Distance of Popular Destinations

    Are you visiting Austin, Texas for the South by Southwest conference? We’ve got you covered for this event too! Indeed Tower is within short walking distance of a number of destinations. Here are a few convenient locations you can get to.

    Omni Austin Hotel Downtown

    If you’re staying at the Omni Austin Hotel or attending an event there, you’re just a short 6-minute walk away in the Indeed Tower parking structure. Get your pass ahead of time and make parking simple.

    Republic Square

    Republic Square is a great green space located in the center of downtown Austin. From the Indeed Tower parking structure, it’s just a short 4-minute walk.

    Congress Avenue Bridge

    Walk right over the Colorado River on the Congress Avenue Bridge. Crowds often gather here to watch colonies of bats emerge from under the bridge. This bridge is just a 10-minute walk from the parking garage.

    Other Locations Near Our Parking Structure

    Here are some more locations right near the Indeed Tower parking garage:

    • Colorado Tower (6-minute walk)
    • Starbucks (3-minute walk)
    • The Roosevelt Room (4-minute walk)
    • Chick-fil-A (2-minute walk)
    • Chase Bank (2-minute walk)
    • Fallout Theater (3-minute walk)
    • 600 Congress (4-minute walk)
    • University of Texas System (3-minute walk)
    • Folk Art Museum of Central Texas (3-minute walk)
    • Norwood Tower (4-minute walk)
    • The Paramount Theatre (6-minute walk)
    • Sampson Building (4-minute walk)
    • Speakeasy (6-minute walk)
    • Lavaca Plaza (3-minute walk)
    • Municipal Building (5-minute walk)
    • The Contemporary Austin – Jones Center (5-minute walk)
    • The Driskill (6-minute walk)
    • The Westin Austin Downtown (9-minute walk)
    • Austin History Center (8-minute walk)
    • Austin Public Library (8-minute walk)
    • Austin Convention Center (10-minute walk)
    • JW Marriott Austin (9-minute walk)

    How to Find Flexible Parking Options if You’re a Hybrid Employee

      Do you work for a company with offices in downtown Austin? If so, what you considered a normal workday is likely a thing of the past. The COVID-19 pandemic saw many of Austin’s office spaces turn into ghost towns as employees began working remotely from home.

      Parking demand data for North America highlights the dramatic change in how people worked during the pandemic. Instead of being filled with the cars of daily commuters, the many parking garages sat empty! Despite a brief hiccup from the omicron variant, things are looking up, and many people are returning to the office.

      However, a new normal is emerging. Transient parking passes are in higher demand than monthly parking passes. But why is that?

      It all comes down to the need for work flexibility. After nearly two years of remote work, employees want more versatile choices in their workplace environment. Businesses continued to run despite the lack of in-office presence, proving that being cooped up in an office full time isn’t necessary.

      People want the opportunity to work some days at home and some in the office. It’s a healthy compromise that many businesses are considering; it remains to be seen whether that’s a transitory thing. But there’s no doubt that the hybrid workforce is growing.

      Easy and Convenient Parking for Remote Workers

        A hybrid work mode has its perks. It reportedly leads to a better work-life balance and helps improve productivity. But it can create a nightmare when it comes to finding parking options in downtown Austin.

        When you worked in the office full time, you likely used a monthly pass from a trusted provider. But if the parking data is telling us anything, it’s that those providers aren’t fulfilling the needs of partially remote workers. The increase in transient parking indicates that workers are ditching monthly plans and paying standard Indeed Tower parking rates.

        That is understandable when you’re not visiting the office five days a week. Unfortunately, most traditional parking service providers don’t offer flexible passes that meet your specific needs.

        That’s where SmartPass comes in! SmartPass has many flexible plans that are perfect for the hybrid worker. Instead of paying for a monthly pass or expensive day passes, you can find a cost-effective, convenient, and personal plan for your work needs.

        No matter where you work or how often you come into the office, SmartPass has options for you. You can get an Indeed Tower parking pass entirely online through your smartphone and enjoy digital, contactless access no matter how many times you visit your office!

        Reserve Your Parking Permit Today!

        SmartPass makes parking easy no matter where you are. Our passes are perfect for major cities, like the downtown Austin area. Reserve your parking permit today and make parking simple!