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Best Parking Rates Near Cathedral Plaza Garage, Ohio

Parking at 1411 E 9th St, Cleveland, OH 44114

The Cathedral Plaza Garage in Cleveland, Ohio, is near a number of attractions, businesses, restaurants, and more. If you need to park near Cathedral Plaza, in Cleveland, Ohio, SmartPass has you covered. With a variety of flexible parking options, you’ll be able to get the best parking rates possible. Reserve your SmartPass tickets today.

Convenient Parking Garage in Downtown Cleveland

Parking in downtown areas can be hectic. Instead of driving down the street looking for parking, you can easily pull into our convenient parking garage and buy your parking ahead of time — no worrying about getting where you need to go on time. Our parking garage is near anywhere you might need to go around the Cathedral Plaza area.

Get a Flexible Parking Pass

SmartPass has a variety of flexible parking passes. It’s easy to buy whatever pass you need for daily, weekly, and even monthly parking.

Flexible 10 Day Pass – $65

If you’re not sure what weekdays you’ll need to park, but you know how many days you’ll need, our flexible 10-day pass subscription is the perfect solution. It’s just $6.50 for each day you park. These passes are non-refundable. Buy a flexible parking pass today.

Flexible Day Pass – $7

Our flexible day pass is only $7 per day for Mondays through Fridays. Just buy your pass ahead of time, scan in, and you’re ready to park for the day. These passes are non-refundable. Purchase a flexible pass now.

Hotel Multi-Day Pass – $15/day

Are you staying at a nearby hotel like the Westin Hotel or Hampton Inn? We have the perfect parking pass for you. This pass is $15 a day and you can enjoy in and out privileges during the day. Keep in mind that there is no vehicle retrieval between 7pm and 7am. Buy your hotel multi-day pass here.

No More Citations, Tickets, or Meters!

There’s no need to deal with citations and tickets when you’re using SmartPass. You won’t have to find meters and feed them throughout the day either. SmartPass is easy to use and saves you the normal trouble of parking in the city. Just drive right up to the garage, scan in, park, and head out.

Safe Cleveland Public Parking Lot

Our well-lit parking garage is a safe and secure place to park your vehicle. You don’t have to leave your car out in street parking for the hours you’ll be gone. Park your car and have peace of mind.

downtown cleveland

Within Walking Distance of Popular Destinations

    Our parking garage is close to several popular Cleveland destinations. Check out a few of these destinations below.

    One Cleveland Center

    If you work in One Cleveland Center or are meeting someone there, save yourself the usual hassle of parking downtown. Park in our garage and enjoy a quick 3-minute walk to the building.

    Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

    The famous Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is one of Cleveland’s most popular attractions. From our parking garage, it’s just a quick 9-minute walk.

    hampton inn cleveland
    the westin cleveland

    Other Locations Near Our Parking Structure

    Here are some more popular locations you can find near our parking structure:
    • Hampton Inn (1-minute walk)
    • The Westin Cleveland Downtown (4-minute walk)
    • Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist (2-minute walk)
    • Cleveland Public Library (5-minute walk)
    • Great Lakes Science Center (15-minute walk)
    • The Mall (10-minute walk)
    • Howard M. Metzenbaum U.S. Courthouse (7-minute walk)
    • Cleveland Public Auditorium (7-minute walk)
    • Drury Plaza Hotel Downtown (4-minute walk)
    • Hilton Cleveland Downtown (12-minute walk)
    • Galleria at Erieview (6-minute walk)
    • Dunkin (1-minute walk)
    • Cleveland Marriott Downtown at Key Tower (7-minute walk)
    • Downtown Farmers Market (7-minute walk)
    • Premier Bank (4-minute walk
    • PPG Paints (9-minute walk)
    • PNC Bank (4-minute walk)
    • Hyatt Regency (5-minute walk)
    • Cleveland Public Hall (7-minute walk)
    • Huntington Convention Center (10-minute walk)
    • Progressive Field (12-minute walk)
    • Tower City Center (11-minute walk)
    • House of Blues (10-minute walk)
    • Cleveland Monsters (14-minute walk)
    • Cleveland Guardians Team Shop (17-minute walk)
    • Heinen’s of Downtown Cleveland (8-minute walk)
    • Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse (13-minute walk)
    • 55 Public Square (11-minute walk)

    Is Your Office Going Hybrid? Here’s Where to Find Flexible Parking Permits

      While many companies are urging employees to head back in to the office, there’s considerable hesitation. Remote work has been the standard for many businesses since the beginning of the pandemic. Some organizations are attempting to reconvene and achieve a semblance of normalcy, but the progress is slow going.

      That’s not just speculation. Recent parking data paints a picture of the compromise workers are making with employers. The demand for monthly parking passes is rebounding far slower than the popularity of day passes for transient parking.

      This trend shows that more workers are going hybrid. People want more options and greater flexibility in creating a productive work environment. And that’s no surprise given the success of remote work in the last two years.

      Despite the ongoing pandemic, companies survived and thrived thanks to remote workers. Technology makes it easier than ever to work from home and leave the daily commute behind, and many companies are using hybrid work as a compromise.

      As a result, numerous workers only spend a couple of days a week commuting to the office. This new approach to office work is also causing a shift in how people approach downtown Cleveland parking.

      The Best Parking Passes for the Remote Workforce

        Gone are the days of having to pay for monthly passes. There’s a reason that monthly parking demand isn’t recovering as fast as expected. Why pay for an entire month of parking privileges when you only spend a fraction of that time working in the office?

        SmartPass is the perfect option for hybrid workers. It does what many traditional parking service providers can’t: offer flexibility.

        The most significant issue hybrid workers face when getting Cathedral Plaza garage parking passes is that most providers don’t offer many options — just structured monthly plans. Aside from giving in to those high costs, partially remote workers have few choices in how they can pay for parking.

        Many ultimately resort to paying for hourly garage rates or expensive street parking and constantly filling those annoying pay boxes and meters.

        SmartPass takes the headache out of finding cost-effective parking in downtown Cleveland. With just a few minutes online, you can find a pass that works for your unique needs. Whether that’s a flexible day pass or a plan with a set number of days, it’s all possible through SmartPass.

        Don’t let the hassle of parking prevent you from going hybrid. It doesn’t matter where you work or how often you visit the office — SmartPass has you covered.

        Reserve Your Parking Permit Today!

        Don’t make parking more of a hassle than it needs to be. With SmartPass, you get a QR code you can access right from your phone and a safe, easy-to-find parking garage in the heart of downtown Cleveland. Reserve your parking permit with SmartPass today!